NIMT gives knowledge for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) sterilizer at Thammasart University hospital.

Mr.Praman Chantaraksa, Engineer, Senior Professional Level from the Department of Innovation and Measurement Tools Development, Mr.Chayut Chareonkit, and Mr.Nuttapong Damduang, Metrologist, Practitioner Level from the Department of Thermometry and Optical Metrology were invited for giving knowledge for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) sterilizing devices by Thammasart University hospital. Recently, NIMT cooperated with the hospital to invent the […]

NIMT Metrology technology supports anti-COVID medical devices to the hospital

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a number of patients are rapidly increasing worldwide. The patients are generally admitted to the hospital. Not only the patients are rick to the COVID-19, but medical workers in the hospital face to a high risk to infected with the COVID-19 as well. With this important reason, National Institute […]