Dimensional Metrology Department

About Dimensional Metrology Department

Dimensional metrology department aims to establish, develop, and maintain the national measurement standards related to dimensional metrology. Dimensional metrologist at NIMT provides a vide range of services and facilities to support science and manufacturing in Thailand. This includes providing a calibration service, training and workshops and specialist advicing and consulting.

Structure of the Department

Jariya Buajarern, Ph.D.

Head of Dimensional Metrology Department
: jariya@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1216

Samana Peingbangyang

Group Leader of Primary Length Standard Group
Email : samana@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext 1110

Ketsaya Nacharanukul, Ph.D.

Group Leader of Precision Engineering Group
Email : ketsaya@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext 1216

Thammarat Somthong, Ph.D.

Acting Group Leader of Nanometrology Group
Email : thammarat@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1115