Chemical Metrology & Biometry Department

About Chemical Metrology & Biometry Department

The Chemical Metrology and Biometry Department is one of the seven metrology departments of the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (abbreviated as NIMT). The department is responsible for establishing and maintaining the national measurement standards for biometry, gas, inorganic and organic quantities through the Bio Analysis Group, the Gas Analysis Group, the Inorganic Analysis Group and the Organic Analysis Group, respectively. With regard to metrology in chemistry, the major activities of the groups in the area of reference materials are production and distribution of certified reference materials. TRM (Thailand Reference Material) is a certified reference material issued by the NIMT, and its designated institute. TRM with a roof shape logo is a registered trademark of NIMT with the Department of Intellectual Property, Thailand. Furthermore, the activities of the groups also include calibration/ measurement services, providing training courses and conducting research and development in the related areas.

Staff Structure

Dr. Charun Yafa

Head of Chemical Metrology & Biometry Department
E-mail :
Tel : 02 026 5400 ex 5400

Miss Ratirat Sinweeruthai

Group Leader of Gas Analysis
E-mail :
Tel : 02 026 5400 ex 5301

Dr. Kanjana Hongthong

Group Leader of Bio Analysis
E-mail :
Tel : 02 026 5400 ex 5703

Dr. Cheerapa Boonyakong

Group Leader of Organic Analysis
E-mail :
Tel :
02 026 5400 ex 5503

Dr. Nongluck Tangpaisarnkul

Group Leader of Inorganic Analysis
E-mail :
Tel : 02 026 5400 ex 5600