Policy and Strategy Department

About Policy and Strategy Department

The scope of duties, duties and responsibilities under the National Metrology Development Act 1997 and the amendments to the National Metrology Development Act (No. 2)  2016 shall be applicable. Master plan Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Action Plan Money and budget plans Risk management Research and Development Management System Administration Business Development Information Technology To monitor and evaluate the work and solve problems in the task of responsibility to ensure the effective implementation of the policy and strategy to achieve the mission of the Institute. By the manager High-level director Command Has the scope of authority and responsibility in the development of policies and strategies for business development and information technology.

Head of Department/ Head of Group


Manager of Policy and Strategy Department
Email : -
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 4210


Group Leader of Strategy and Evaluation
Email : parima@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 4211


Acting Head of Corporation and partnership development Group
Email : narudom@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1332


Group Leader of Information Technology Group
Email : suphat@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 4218


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