Mechanical Metrology Department

About Mechanical Metrology Department

Department of Mechanical Metrology has responsibilities in planning, developing and maintaining national measurement standards which are internationally accepted to meet domestic demand. It also delivers standard of mechanical measurements to both government and private users to support country development. Not only responsible for establishing a network of national calibration laboratories, but the department also support the creation and development of national quality infrastructure at its full potential. In the hope that users could rely on its intel and are able to exploit the knowledge of mechanical metrology to lead to innovation. This will directly affect the competitiveness of the country's economy in the long run.

Head of Mechanical Metrology Department

Mr. Tassanai Sanponput

Head of Mechanical Metrology Department

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Tel. : +662-577-5100 ext. 2236

Mr. Wirun Laopornpichayanuwat

Conducting of Primary Mass Standards and Related Quantities Group

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Tel. : +662-577-5100 ext. 1117, 2201

Mr.Nattapon Saenkhum

Group Leader of Solid Mechanics and Testing

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Tel. : +662-577-5100 ext. 2238

Mr. Likit Sainoo

Group Leader of Fluid Mechanics

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Tel. : +662-577-5100 ext. 2202