Uthai Norranim as a QC manager holds a meeting ISO/IEC 17025 Pathway A

Assistant Director of NIMT Flg.Off. Uthai Norranim as a quality control manager was a chairperson for ISO/IEC 17025 pathway A meeting via online system. In the meeting, metrologists from Force laboratory, Hardness laboratory and Innovation and equipment development group included to Ms.Rugkanawan Wongpithayadisai, metrologist and works as QC assistant manager were attended the meeting. NIMT […]

Meeting on ISO/IEC17025 remote assessment in mass and hardness

Assistant Director of NIMT Flg. Off. Uthai Noranim, ISO/IEC17025 manager and metrologist joined a meeting on ISO/IEC17025 remote assessment in mass and hardness. For mass, it was the re-assessment to maintain the same or similar status. For hardness, it has extended to the new measuring competence. For this matter, NIMT invited one quality expert Mrs. […]

Remote Assessment for Vacuum laboratory

Ms.Rugkanawan Wongpithayadisai, Deputy Quality Manager/Senior Metrologist, together her metrologist team attended ISO/IEC 17025 Remote Assessment for Vacuum laboratory, Fluid Mechanics Group, Department of Mechanical Metrology to accredit from Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) (Pathway A), One TISI Quality Expert (Ms.Sirorat Thonhamkaew) and one NMIJ technical expert (Dr.Kenta Arai), during 15-17 March 2021 at Matra Dhamrung […]