Meeting on ISO/IEC17025 remote assessment in mass and hardness

Assistant Director of NIMT Flg. Off. Uthai Noranim, ISO/IEC17025 manager and metrologist joined a meeting on ISO/IEC17025 remote assessment in mass and hardness. For mass, it was the re-assessment to maintain the same or similar status. For hardness, it has extended to the new measuring competence. For this matter, NIMT invited one quality expert Mrs. Sirorat Thonhamkaew from Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), and two technical experts Dr. Jin Wan Chung (Mass) and Dr. Naehyung Tak (Hardness) from Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS). These assessments are the activities to support food and drug industry, sugar industry and petrochemical industry. For example, the scale or balance in food and drugs and sugar industries (Mass), auto-part and electronic industries; steel pipes, steel plates, hardening, coating, aluminum, PVC (Hardness). The assessments was held during March 24-26, 2021 at Phadung Matra building, NIMT Pathum Thani.

International Updates: Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nontachart, International Relations Officer.

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