Dr.Charun Yafa NIMT Assistant Director welcomes Rear Admiral Komsan Klinsukon, Deputy Surgeon General, Hydrographic Department, Royal Thai Navy to visit NIMT.

Dr.Charun Yafa, Assistant Director together with Dr.Sivinee Sawadi-Aree, Head of Electrical Metrology Department and her metrologists welcomed Rear Admiral Komsan Klinsukon, RTN, Deputy Surgeon General of Hydrographic Department and his entourage to visit NIMT’s Time and Frequency laboratory and discussed cooperation between both organizations, especially, national time scale; UTC(NIMT), disseminated Thailand Standard Time. The meeting was held at Rail system building and Phadung Matra Building, NIMT Phatum Thani province on January 2023.

International update: Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nonthachart, International Relations Officer