NIMT signs a five-year agreement with Pathum Thani Provincial Public Health Office on NQI driving Thai herb industries

Currently, Thai herb products have been increasingly demanding for consumers thanks to consumers are tending to care their health more than the past. The herbs are mostly used for treating, preventing, prognostic, and maintaining health to the Thai people. It means that the herbs are general in the Thai people way of life.

NIMT ,as the national metrological standards’ keeper, has a mutual cooperation with Pathum Thani Provincial Public Health Office, as the herb products units in Pathum Thani province where NIMT is located. The herb products is one of the multi-project under the project “NQI for Thai herb support and development”.

On this event, Director of NIMT, Mrs. Ajchara Charoensook and her assistant director, Flg. Off. Uthai Noranim attended a meeting on signing an MOU agreement with Pathum Thani Provincial Chief Medical Officer, Dr.Surin Suebsung, Pathum Thani Provincial Public Health Office to strengthen mutual cooperation in NQI (National Quality Infrastructure) to support Thai herb production on the date of 10 November 2020 at Pathum Thani Provincial Public Health Office, Pathum Thani province.

NIMT has facilitated to the local manufacturing sectors to contribute NQI’s body of knowledge building and production chain development for Thai herb products to be met the quality throughout upstream to downstream.

NIMT and Pathum Thani Provincial Public Health Office will promote an agriculturist to cultivate Thai herbs as Good Agricultural Practice System (GAP). Two organizations will make a pilot plant in the area of Nong Sua general hospital to get a certification of GMA (Good Manufacturing Practice) that will lead NQI for Thai herb products to be accepted internationally.

Additionally, the element of NQI consists of 5 things that are Standards, Metrology, Accreditation, Conformity Assessment, and Market Surveillance (abbrev; SMACAM). Especially, M or Metrology is a direct line of NIMT that is able to carry and drive the development of Traceability Chain which is NIMT professional duty to push up and differentiate the identity of Thai product to the world.

In the signing ceremony, 3 key NIMT NQI manpowers came together; Dr. Sivinee Sawatdiaree, Head of Electrical Metrology Department, NIMT, a pioneer in driving and improving NQI of Thailand, Dr. Charun Yafa, Head of Chemical Metrology & Biometry Department and Dr.Nongluck Tangpaisarnkul, Group Leader of Inorganic Analysis.

Updated by Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nonthachart, International Relations Officer.

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