Seminar under the Project of Potential Industrial Competitive Enhancement on Regional Medical Hub

Mr. Anusorn Tonmuanwai, Deputy Director of NIMT opened a five-day long seminar under the Project of Potential Industrial Competitive Enhancement on Regional Medical Hub with International Standards and gave his opening speech to NIMT staff and participants from the public and private sectors. The seminar was held at NIMT, Phatum Thani province between 22 – 26 June 2020. The seminar’s topics were scheduled as followings; 

22 June 2020 

– Introduction by Mr.Kaokla Suchai, GM of Trea Med Co., Ltd.
– Electrical Safety Analyzer and Electrical Safety Test and IEC Standard and Electrosurgical Analyzer and Electrosurgical Unit Test by Mr.Ponsorn Saengtan, Senior Service Engineer & Electrical Safety Analyzer                  Trainer

23 June 2020 

– Defibrillator Analyzer and Defibrillator/AED test by Mr. Saharat Phetprasert
– Vital Sign Simulator and ECG, SpO2, NIBP and Vital Sign Monitor Test by Mr.Panupat Nuchin

24 June 2020

– Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer and Incubator Test ,and Fetal Simulator and Phototherapy and Radiometer and Fetal Monitor test by Mr.Panupat Nuchin

25 June 2020 

– Gas Flow Analyzer + Vapor and Ventilator Test and Anesthetic Test, and Infusion Pump Tester and Infusion Pump/Syringe Pump Test by Mr.Panupat Nuchin

26 June 2020 

– QA Tools and Dose Safety on X-Ray, US, NM, MRI by Thapat Phitakparadorn, Technical Sales Engineer

– Rigid Scope and Fiber Optic Tester and Fiber Optic Test, Master Laboratories Test Equipment, IEC, MDQA and ECRI by Mr.Sakchai Suchai, MD of Tread Med Co., Ltd.


The aim of this seminar was to daft a manual on Calibration, Measurement and Verification for Medical devices.

Mr Sakchai Suchai, MD of Tread Med.
Mr. Anusorn Tonmuanwai, Vice Director of NIMT
Group photo
Workshop: Defibrilator Analyzer and Defibrillator/AED Test by Mr.Saharat Phetprasert












Product Specialist, Mr.Panupat Nuchin
Electrical Safety Analyzer









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