Focus group discussion on Thailand’s Metrology System Development Action Plan

National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (NIMT) and Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) organized a focus group discussion on drafting of the National Metrology System Development Action Plan, Phase 4 (2023 – 2027) to adjust and enhance the capacity of NIMT to be ready to bring Thailand’s metrology system into the 21st century.

The system is conducive to research, establishing measurement standards that are consistent with the new definition of the International System of Units (SI). The system has been applied to research and development of measurement processes and instruments to deliver metrological traceability to keep up with the modern world. It also is used as a foundation for Thailand’s digital quality infrastructure system including the application of measurement capabilities to meet the challenges of the country and the world in terms of economy, security and sustainability, especially, underlines on bio-economy development and a circular economy green economy (Bio-Circular-Green Economy: BCG Model) to be able to compete through the innovation. When the BCG economy grows and competes globally, it contributes income to the community, inequality solving, friendly to the environment and sustainable development.

On May 10, 2022, Bangkok, TDRI organized a focus group discussion with the main objective to receive opinions or Public Consultation from the public and private stakeholders on drafting of the National Metrology System Development Action Plan, Phase 4 (B.E. 2023 – 2027), drafting of the 5-Year Government Action Plan (2023 – 2027) and drafting of the Yearly Government Service Plan 2023 of the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand). The drafts will be appropriate and consistent with the needs of users. It also creates awareness for agencies involved in the metrology system to accept the plans for the next 5 years, especially government agencies acting on behalf of the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (Designate Institutes; DIs) and other NQI agencies in order to move forward to seeing the unity direction.

Today, Mrs.Ajchara Charoensook, Director of NIMT, presided over the opening of the discussion. NIMT invited Dr.Sumet Ongkittikul, Research Director of Transportation and Logistics Policy, TDRI to present about the results of the study of the Measure System Development Action Plan. The National Sciences, Phase 4 (2023 – 2027). The discussion was joined by metrology related-representatives among Dr.Withit Puengkan from the Office of Atoms for Peace, Dr.Pattarawee Soisangwan, from the Department of Medical Sciences, Dr.Wadee Wichaidit, from Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, Mrs.Utumporn Kaewnamdee , from Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Dr.Nirawat Thammachak, from the Office of the Science Promotion Commission Research and Innovation and Ms.Chamoy Thnglue, from Central Laboratory. They gave their comments and suggestions. The discussion was online from Piman Siam conference room, 29th floor, The Athene Hotel, Bangkok.

Information update: Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nontachart, International Relations Officer.
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