NIMT provides Metrology Online Training to strengthen student’s potential to the labor market as the wisdom arms coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

NIMT and 22 Universities enhance the strength of wisdom to students and people who are interested into metrology. Stimulating to develop the metrology curriculum in accordance with the current labour market. NIMT will non-stop to build knowledge to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic by Online training. The students can learn more and extend their knowledge beyond a textbook to become an intergraded scientist.

Online training for the students

Director of NIMT Mrs.Ajchara Charoensook was one of speakers who honorarily joined the metrology training project mentioned that the training was arranged as a new normal way to nationwide students. The project was conducted to every sector such as the universities, public and private organizations to develop and publicize the metrological knowledge. The knowledge will generally be recognized and easy to access.

Director of NIMT on the monitor screen.

The educational sector become a big target for metrology knowledge building and upskilling that will prepare people for the future of manufacturing and service sectors. NIMT initially agrees to expend cooperation with 22 universities scattering across the central and regional of Thailand by adding metrology to their curriculum.

Due to the outbreak of COID-19 is still high concerned, NIMT adjusted the courses to online on “Introduction to Metrology for Scientist” for Burapha University’s students during March 24 – 26, 2021. And another course on “Introduction to Calibration and Metrology measuring instrument for Chemical and Physical Scientist” for the students from Faculty of Sciences, Prince of Songkla University during March 29 – April 9, 2021. The courses were online from NIMT, Pathum Thani.

International Updates: Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nontachart, International Relations Officer.

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