Coordinate Metrology Laboratory

About Us

Coordinate metrology laboratory provides standards which belong to the coordinate metrology. We distribute those standards and their traceability to end user through passing accredited laboratories. Furthermore, we offer dimensioning and tolerancing as the reference values for complex standard artifacts to special customer requirements.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Verification

 We perform our machine based on ISO 10360 part 2 an d5. For size measurement error, a step gauge or series of standard long gauge has been used. The standard test sphere is used to determine the probing error.

Ball Plate Measurement

The sphere ball plate is a 2D-artifact that is useful for CMM verification. It is measured by the swing round method and it is traceable to the unit of length via laser interferometer.

Step Gauge Calibration

The step gauge is useful for CMM verification than the ball plate because of its light weigh and simplicity for setup. The combination of CMM and laser interferometer is used to determine the length of each step. The CMM probe is used as a trigger and the length is evaluated by a laser interferometer.