Electrical Metrology Department

About the Electrical Metrology Department

The Electrical Metrology Department is one of the seven metrology departments of the National Institute of Metrology, Thailand (NIMT). The department has major responsibilities in establishment and maintenance of national measurement standards in the area of electricity and magnetism, time and frequency through the laboratories in three groups. In addition to maintaining the national reference standards, the department also provides calibration services for standards and equipment in the mentioned area to general customers.


Dr. Sivinee Sawatdiaree

Head of Deaprtment
Email : sivinee@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1252

Dr. Chaiwat Jassadajin

Position : Head of Primary Electrical, Time and
Frequency Standard Group
Email : chaiwat@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1219

Lt. Col. Chalit Kumtawee

Position : Head of Direct Current Low and High
Frequency Electricity and Electromagnetics Field Group
Email :chalit@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1234

Dr. Chatchaval Kurupakorn

Position : Head of Electrical Power and High-accuracy Electrical Measuring Instrument Group
Email : chatchaval@nimt.or.th
Tel. : 02-5775100 ext. 1253