Acoustics & Vibration

Acoustics and Vibration Metrology  Department (AUV Dept.) has established since 1998 as illustrates in Figure 1.  Our main responsibility is to maintain the primary standard of acoustics, vibration, and ultrasound metrology and its traceability. We also develop new capabilities to support our customers’ needs for example cabin noise measurement of a car, noise measurement of electrical appliances, vibration measurement of electronics parts, material testing to determine sound absorption coefficients, etc.

timeline1Figure 1. Timeline of Acoustics and Vibration Metrology Department

Our Missions:

Our department has engaged in four areas of activities.  The major activity is to establish and develop the measurement and calibration standards. In addition, we have contributed in providing calibration service, knowledge transfer, and international co-operation activity. Moreover, we promote  and strengthen the network among secondary laboratories as well as testing laboratories in Thailand via a variety of activities such as providing Proficiency Testing (PT) projects and organizing AUV metrology club to disseminate technical knowledge.  Furthermore, we have collaborated with other government organization such as Pollution Control Department (PCD), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment  to assist PCD officers regarding to traceable and accurate measurement in monitoring the noise pollution measurement. We strongly believe that metrology can lead Thai people for a better quality of life.

Mission 1: Measurement Standards’ Establishment and Development

Establishment  and  development  of measurement  and  calibration  standards is the  main  responsible of Acoustics and Vibration Metrology Department at NIMT. The primary calibration standard systems at our laboratories  have been established  and continuously developed since 1998.

Figure 2. Standard Establishment

Mission 2: Calibration Service

The Acoustics and Vibration Metrology Department has been providing the calibration services for our customers from the government sectors, the private sectors, as well as the industrial sectors. Our laboratories have accredited  according to ISO/IEC 17025. The calibration services are available for these parameters: microphone, accelerometer, pistonphone, sound calibrator, sound level meter, calibration exciter, vibration meter, ultrasound power meter, and immersion ultrasonic  transducer.

calibration-servicesFigure 3. Calibration Service

Mission 3: Knowledge Transfer

Our laboratories have disseminated knowledge to community by organizing seminars and workshops. In addition, our lab staffs have been invited as special guest lecturers to contribute their expertise to many external institutes. Furthermore, there are domestic and international measurement comparison projects to compare the measurement results among the labs.

knowledge-transferFigure 4. Knowledge transfer

Mission 4: International Co-operation Activities

The Acoustics & Vibration Metrology Department has been participated in international co-operation activities such as international measurement comparison  projects, APMP meeting, JICA-NIMT, projects, ASEAN seminars, TCTP training,  etc.

international-activitiesFigure 5. International activites

Organization Chart of Acoustics and Vibration Metrology Department

Organization Chart of Acoustics and Vibration Metrology Department

AUV staff