Vision / Mission


NIMT aims to become a leading NMI of ASIA providing service innovations to serve country’s needs, to response to public demands, to promote country’s competitiveness at the world stage, and to advocate the enhancement of people’s well – being.



The mission is to develop the national measurement standards to be recognized internationally and to disseminate the measuring accuracy to Thai community.


National Quality Infrastructure

National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) is an organizational infrastructure, comprises of metrology, standardization, testing and quality management. It can be achieved only through cooperation of member agencies who share responsibility in developing an internationally recognized NQI. The NQI will provide both mandatory and innovative services to support quality claims of products and services as well as innovations produced in the country to guarantee their accessibility to and competitiveness in global market. NIMT is mandated by the National Metrology System Development Act B.E. 2540 to develop the national metrology system, which is a core component of the NQI. NIMT, therefore, is the scientific and technological pillar of the infrastructure.