Annual PA to Director of NIMT

The subcommittee of Performance Appraisal (PA) to Director of NIMT took an opportunity to officially meet and talk with the Director’s subordinates and all of NIMT officers in order to ask about the Director’s managerial competencies. It was one part of the total appraisals. As this reason, the Department of NIMT’s Human Resources had to arrange an opened stage for all officers to exchange with the subcommittee on September 22, 2020 at the NIMT Central Administration building, Phatum Thani province.

Mrs. Rattanaporn Juengsanguansit and Dr. Panisuan Chamnanvej, Subcommittee of PA talked to the total NIMT officers.
All of NIMT officers at the conference room.


Updated by Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nonthachart, International Relations Officer.

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