Special Interview “You shouldn’t be leaving hand sanitizer in the car indefinitely? Is it true?” on Channel 30 MCOT HD

Dr. Nongluck Tangpaisarnkul, Group Leader of Inorganic Analysis gave her professional interview for TV programme “Sure before Share” which aimed society to aware that you should be checked the rightness of information before being shared.

Recently, the information sharing on the social media warned that “Don’t leave your hand sanitizer in the car!”, had been spreading extensively. Some sources said that hotness in the car can be effected to the effective of sanitizer against the COVID-19. Moreover, some exaggerated that it get to explosion or burning which we can not see its flame in general.

The interview from Dr.Nongluck will bring us to understand more relevant into our hand sanitizer.

The interview still run in Thai, we will work it out to English next occasion.

Dr. Nongluck was being interviewed


Dr. Nongluck was being interviewed


News and Photo by PR NIMT from http://www.nimt.or.th/main/?p=31466 (Thai Version)

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