NIMT metrologists to be invited for the 3rd CABUREK Workshop in Indonesia

Dr.-Ing. Narudom Noulkhow, Acting Head of Corporation and Partnership Development Group and Customer Relation, Corporation and Partnership Development Group and Ms. Rojana Leecharoen, Light and Color Group’s Special Professional Metrologist were invited to successfully join the 3rd CABUREK Workshop in Asia under the framework of the MEDEA 2 project (Promoting Regional Cooperation in Metrology in the Asia-Pacific Region) between 12-14 November 2019 at SNSU-BSN, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The 3rd CABUREK was the workshop on Capacity Building in Technical and Scientific Organisations Using Regional Knowledge and Experiences which supported by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) which started in 2018, the tool is now introduced in the Asia-Pacific region. The basic concept of the tool is to exchange regional knowledge and experience makes it easier to solve challenges countries are faced with at a national level.

Dr.-Ing. Narudom Noulkhow and Ms. Rojana Leecharoen joined the 3rd CABUREK workshop


Group photo of all participants


Dr.-Ing. Narudom Noulkhow expertedly expressed his idea for the workshop.