NIMT metrologists to be invited for the 3rd CABUREK Workshop in Indonesia

Dr.-Ing. Narudom Noulkhow, Radiation Thermometry Laboratory’s Metrologist/Researcher and Ms. Rojana Leecharoen, Light and Color Group’s Special Professional Metrologist were invited to successfully join the 3rd CABUREK Workshop in Asia under the framework of the MEDEA 2 project (Promoting Regional Cooperation in Metrology in the Asia-Pacific Region) between 12-14 November 2019 at SNSU-BSN, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The 3rd CABUREK was the workshop on Capacity Building in Technical and Scientific Organisations Using Regional Knowledge and Experiences which supported by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) which started in 2018, the tool is now introduced in the Asia-Pacific region. The basic concept of the tool is to exchange regional knowledge and experience makes it easier to solve challenges countries are faced with at a national level.

Dr.-Ing. Narudom Noulkhow and Ms. Rojana Leecharoen joined the 3rd CABUREK workshop


Group photo of all participants


Dr.-Ing. Narudom Noulkhow expertedly expressed his idea for the workshop.