NIMT trains on Calibration for the electrical calibrator

NIMT’s Cooperation and partnership development group organized an annual training on Calibration for the electrical calibrator. This training was given knowledge to participants from public, private and industrial sectors by Electrical Power and High-accuracy Electrical Measuring Instrument’s metrologists, Mr. Adithep Jang-On and Mr. Kongsak Thongboon. After training, the participants would be able to calibrate the […]

NIMT fire drill and rescue training 2020

NIMT organized an in-house training and practising on fire drill and rescue in the event of a fire or other emergencies 2020. NIMT invited a well-experienced trainer, Mr. Kitisak Puangbuppha and his Lerder Fire Safty’s team to train and demonstrate firefighting, evacuation, and first aids to NIMT members. The members would recognize and get preparedness […]

Seminar on Metrology and its application with Thailand’s mobilization to the international.

Dr. Sivinee Sawatdiaree, head of NIMT’s electrical metrology department was invited to give her lecture on “Thailand’s mobilization by Metrological system” in the seminar on “Metrology and its application with Thailand’s mobilization to the international”. The seminar was hosted by the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP), Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation […]

Seminar on “the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement” batch 2 at NIMT

NIMT’s corporation and partnership development department organized a seminar on the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement batch 2. There were numbers of seminar participants from the public and private sectors attended. This seminar training speakers were NIMT’s professional direct current, low frequency, high frequency and electromagnetics metrologists; Dr. Monthon Homklintian and Mrs. Natenapit Khunmthukthit. A […]

NIMT makes a merit to Prince of Chumphon’s 140-year Birthday Anniversary

In the Occasion of Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon’s 140-year Birthday Anniversary 19th December 1880 (Sadet Tia), Wat Bang Waek temple, Thonburi commercial college, and Phasicharoen district office, public and private sectors, and people in Phasicharoen area all together organized the Buddhist ceremony to perform the Thet Mahachart sermon (Vessantara Jataka). The monks […]

NIMT actively participates in China’s Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (News on Lancang – Mekong Cooperation website)

Original recourse: Thailand Universities and Scientific Institutions Actively Participate in Lancang-Mekong Cooperation ( — Updated by Natthaphon Jarat and Thanakporn Nontachart, International Relations Officer. Follow our Facebook:

NIMT meeting on ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 Quality Assurance system fiscal year 2020

Ms. Rugkanawan Wongpithayadisai, Metrologist, Senior Professional level, from Solid Mechanic and Testing Group, Mechanical Metrology Department, and assistant manager of ISO/IEC 17025 as a meeting chairperson on the ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 Quality Assurance fiscal year 2020. The objectives of the meeting were to review, amend or revise quality assurance system to be getting […]

Kasetsart University students visits acoustic & vibration lab

Sharing metrological knowledge is one of our duties to make people to make clear and recognize about NIMT. Mr. Pairoj Rattanangkul, Group leader of  Acoustics and Vibration warm welcomed Kasetsart University instructors and students from metrology curriculum, department of physics, faculty of sciences to visit and observe the  Acoustics and Vibration lab. During the visiting, […]

Practical Seminar on the estimation of Estimation of Uncertainty of Measurement on Medical Devices

NIMT arranged the practical seminar on the Estimation of Uncertainty of Measurement on Medical Devices between 16 – 17 November 2020 at Matra Dhamrong Building, Phatum Thani province. Mr. Anusorn TONMUANWAI, Deputy Director of NIMT, opened the seminar and gave a lecture as a speaker today. The seminar is one project under the Incubator and […]

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